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Spiritual Awakening & The Present Moment

experience god

How To Experience The Divine Power of God Within Yourself?

God is the highest state of consciousness. God is not a separate entity. You realize God once you turn inward and become conscious by surrendering to Being. Praying to God outside yourself is only a poor substitute for feeling God’s divinity which is always available once you surrender to being within. True surrender is going beyond worshipping God in a subject-object relationship.

Spiritual Awakening

The Direct Way of Spiritual Awakening While Engaged With the World

How to Rest in Being while Engaged in the world? Spiritual awakening is – Resting in Being.  We will see and learn how to access our being permanently even while doing our worldly interactions.Spiritual awakening is not a special feeling, state, or experience. It is not a goal or destination, somewhere to reach in the future. …

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secret of Living a life of wholeness

The Ultimate Secret of Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 2

How to transform dark qualities like anger, envy, jealousy into life saving tools?

Whatever you don’t accept, ignore, or resist, you will become that. Accepting the darkness in you without indulging will transform it into the light. You must go into the dark to bring forth your light. When we suppress any aspect of ourselves, we suppress its opposite.

the secret of living a fulfilled life

The Ultimate Secret of Living a Fulfilled Life – Part 1

How to live a life of wholeness by transcending duality such as good and evil, positive and negative? I have now come to understand the extraordinary importance of leading a life of wholeness. That is, of allowing myself to first observe, then to integrate, all the aspects of who I am—those that I and others have called “good quailities” and those that I and others have called “bad qualities”—into a divine whole.

Depression and Anxiety

How To Transform Depression And Anxiety Into Inner Peace (Enduring & Non-Enduring Spiritual Awakening)

Spiritual awakening is not always a joyful process. Often you might feel confused, frustrated, angry, sad, grieving or being “out of place”. Depression and anxiety is your constant companion. It might feel like the end of your known world.

Whatever life you have built on competing, achieving and acquiring mentality is not resonating with you anymore. Life is making no sense to you. Spiritual awakening can be an intense experience of personal transformation. But despite how much suffering your dying mind conditioning may cause, you are not going insane. You are evolving!