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4 Types of Spiritual Seeker & How To Realize God!
4 Types of Spiritual Seekers

There are four types of spiritual seekers. And you will realize God within depending on the path you choose! Let’s understand this truth written in Bhagavad Gita.

First Type: The Seeker of Material Wealth

The First type of spiritual seeker just wanted to be happy. The path he takes to be satisfied is to achieve and chase material objects of the world. He spent his life living outwards. He always tries to accomplish this or that in the present to be happy and fulfilled. 

He prays to his God to give him or his family everything he desires to be happy. It is always a business transaction with God. I will pray to you, God, and you give me this. Ultimately he suffers because nothing he achieves gives him happiness, as no objects, names, and forms of the world can give you enduring joy. So he suffers.

Second Type: The Inquisitive

The second type of spiritual seeker is tired of chasing material objects of the world. So he chooses spirituality to become happy. But his desires are still seeking knowledge, experience, spiritual advancement, or some kind of “High”. He continuously seeks new spiritual practices that will suit his temperaments. 

He wants to experience different “alter states” of consciousness. He doesn’t like the ordinary present moment because that is not enough for him. He suffers too.

Third Type: The Distressed

The third type of spiritual seeker is tired of achieving this or that and doing spiritual practices. Having spent so much time seeking, he regrets why he spent years “seeking”? That regret is eating him alive. 

Now his ultimate desire is to be free from suffering. But that desire to be free from suffering is another layer of suffering. He is desperate to awaken but has not surrendered himself to his inner being. He didn’t realize the God within himself. He is still suffering.

Fourth Type: The Realized Being


The fourth type of spiritual seeker surrenders his mind fully inward. He understands that God is the highest state of consciousness. God is not a separate entity. One experiences God once you turn inward and become conscious by surrendering your mind to Being. The other name of Being is Atma or Kingdom of Heaven. 

He realizes that once the mind goes outward, it creates misery and an illusionary world. But when the mind surrenders and turns inwards, it dissolves into being and transforms into God. Though his mind is still making noise that, without full attention to the outside world, he cannot perform optimally in the world. But he realizes that it is not true. By keeping his mind on God (in Being), God becomes the doer of all worldly activities and not his mind. 

Now the universe is acting through his mind and body and using him to manifest its purpose, that is, to bring awareness to the world. He realizes that God is everything and nothing at the same time. 

God is spaciousness and emptiness. God is another name of inner stillness. God does nothing, yet He leaves nothing undone. In this way, the seeker fully surrenders his mind inward, abides and rests in being, attains spiritual awakening and realizes God.

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