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How To Die Before You Die And Realize There is No Death
Die Before You Die

Die Before You Die & Realize There Is No Death!


Going Through Profound Loss In Your Life!

Whenever you suffer a profound loss in your life, such as the loss of material possessions, your home, the Death of your loved one, a close relationship, or your status and physical abilities, you experience a significant decrease in your sense of self. As if a part of us dies too. You might also experience a feeling of being lost and uncertain. When something you’ve unconsciously identified with as part of yourself disappears, it can be tremendously painful, leaving a gaping hole in your existence.

Processing Pain & Sadness of The Loss!

Don’t neglect the pain and sadness you feel in these situations. Just go deeper into the pain and feel those emotions within yourself. While feeling emotions, DON’T let it turn them into dysfunctional thoughts. Be wary of the mind’s inclination to fabricate a story around the loss, with you as the helpless victim. 

Fear, anger, resentment, or self-pity are the emotions that come with playing the victim. Instead, try to perceive what lies beneath these emotions and behind your mind’s story. Face and accept the sense of emptiness that may arise. With practice, you might find that this void is no longer a source of fear. Instead, you might find peace emanating from it.

Death is The Most Sacred Aspect of Life

Death is the most sacred aspect of life, and when a life form dissolves, the formless divinity reveals itself through the gap left by the dissolving form. By embracing Death and reflecting on it, we open ourselves to the peace of the divine. In contemplating and accepting the inevitability of Death, we can find a deeper connection to the Being within us and realize that we are not mind and body but an eternal Being that transcends the temporary nature of material possessions, relationships, and physical abilities.

Die Before You Die

Die Before You Die
Die Before You Die

The secret of life is to “die towards all mental conditioning and attachment before physical death” – and realize that there is no death. In other words: To discover eternal existence, one must experience the Death of the mind’s conditioning that identify with its material possessions, career, social standing, education, physical appearance, talents and relationships. You must also stop identifying yourself with your personal and ancestral history, belief systems, and even group identities such as nationality, race, or religion. 

Once you die towards all the above temporary attachments before physical Death occurs, you will realize that there is no Death.

Remember, none of the above is YOU. You are an eternal being and pure awareness. Any of these temporary aspects do not bind you. You cannot be destroy by weapons, fire, water, wind or any calamity of this world.


1-to-1 Life Transformation Program

1-To-1 Life Transformation Program


What is This Program?: It’s a three-week program to transform your biggest challenge, struggle or suffering into inner peace. You will be mastering the art of living in the present moment and realizing your true self.One session every week for three weeks. After your first session, we will mutually decide when to book your second and third sessions!

First Week: The first session will explore your most significant challenge, struggle or suffering. We will decode your unique life perspective and discover why you are facing certain situations, people, and circumstances again and again. At the end of this session, you will completely understand your life.

Second Week: The second session will dissolve your mind’s dysfunctional conditioning by surrendering your mind to the inner being. It’s like deleting outdated programming and upgrading to new software. In this session, you will die before you die with all your mind’s conditioning and attachments and realize there is NO Death.You will also be able to heal the suffering caused by losing a loved one or any profound loss.

Third Week: In the third session, you will learn to live permanently in the present moment while engaged with the world. You will realize your True Self, which is eternally blissful, the God within.Your mind will stop swinging between the thoughts of the past and the future! The miracle of surrender will make you fearless and whole. Ultimately, you will be awaken by transcending the world. I will give you essential resources to transform your life.

Session Recording: You will get a one-click video recording with a transcript and Intelligent features related to your challenges & struggles! This program participants love to listen this recording all the time.

Refund: You can cancel your session and ask for a full refund after booking the session. Just email me a minimum of twelve hours before your first session. No Questions Asked.

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