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The Spiritual Secret to Reverse the Aging Process
reverse the aging process!

The Spiritual Secret To Reverse the Aging Process!

Surrendering your mind to the inner Being and resting in the Being is the ultimate secret of slowing down aging and having immunity against physical illness. You are forever one with God when you are rooted in your Being


Feeling the Aliveness of the inner body

Some people can’t feel their inner Being, their kingdom of heaven within, as their mind is making too much noise, and they are lost in thoughts. Those people need to realize their being through their inner body. Your inner body is the bridge between your outer body and Being. Start feeling your inner body if you can’t feel your inner Being.

The real transformation only occurs through the inner body. Feel the aliveness of your inner body to transform your life and attain spiritual awakening.

How To Vibrate At the Higher Frequency

The more awareness you direct toward the inner body, the higher its frequency becomes. Negativity will not affect you at this higher energy level. You’ll attract new circumstances to help you in your spiritual evolution that reflects this higher frequency. When firmly rooted in your inner body, you will not identify with the dysfunctional mind noise driving you crazy.

Yes, you will still have thoughts and emotions, desires and fears, but they won’t hijack you completely. Deep down, you will be rooted in your God essence, which is your inner body. If you stay connected in your inner body, you will be like a tree deeply rooted in the earth, so the storm will not destroy it.

Reverse The Aging Process & Acquiring Physical Well-Being.

When you regret the past and worry about the future, you accumulate stress in your cells, which significantly impairs its capacity for self-renewal. So when you inhabit the inner body:

  1. The outer body will grow old much slower, and even when it does, your timeless essence will shine through the outward form, and you will not look like an aged person.You will reverse the aging process by just resting in your inner body.

  2. Your physical immune system will strengthen as the body loves your attention. Most illnesses will not creep inside your body as you inhibit your inner body. When the master is present, unwanted guests cannot barge in. Your body will be self-healing due to the power of your attention.

  3. Your psychic immune system will strengthen too. It will protect you from the negative and hostile mental-emotional force of highly unconscious person. Anything that vibrates at a lower level, such as anger, fear, or depression, will not touch your reality. Negativity will not affect you at this higher energy level because you will not offer any resistance to it. It will pass right through you as if you are transparent.

You don’t need to believe what I am saying. Put it to the test in your life, and then see for yourself.

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Join "The Courage To Awaken" Newsletter!

Weekly Life-transforming Article To Awaken You Spiritually.