Aby Vohra

Individual 1 to 1 Session

These Spiritual Counseling Sessions Will Explore:

  • How to End Fluctuating Between Peaceful and Anxious States of Mind and Realize Spiritual Awakening Even While Engaged in the World.

  • Why Do We Face Painful Situations and People Repeatedly, And How To Transcend That?

  • If You Had a Significant Reorientation in Your Life and Pondered, What Do You Do With Your Life? What’s Your Purpose in This World? How Do You Choose the Career or Work That Resonates With You After the Awakening?

  • How to Cope With the Death of a Loved One or a Major Loss in Your Life? 

  • If You Want to Manifest Consciously and Co-create With Universe Without Egoic Wanting and Craving.

  • How to End Living From Mind Consciousness and Start Living From Being Consciousness (Awakened Consciousness)

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