Aby Vohra

1-to-1 Private Counseling Session

What is this session? In this session we will transform your biggest challenge, struggle or frustration into inner peace. You will be mastering the art of living in the present moment and realizing your true Self. 

Transforming Your Challenge: We will explore your most significant challenge, struggle or frustration. We will decode your unique life perspective and discover why you are facing certain situations, people, and circumstances again and again. We will dissolve your mind’s dysfunctional conditioning by surrendering your mind to the inner being. You will die before you die with all your mind’s conditioning and attachments and realize there is NO Death. It’s like deleting outdated programming and upgrading to new software.

Realize Awakening & Learn to Live in the Present: You will also understand why the world is an illusion and how to transcend the world to attain awakening. You will learn to live permanently in the present moment while engaged with the world. You will realize your True Self, which is eternally blissful, the God within.Your mind will stop swinging between the thoughts of the past and the future! 

Session Recording: You will get a one-click video recording with a transcript and Intelligent features related to your challenges & struggles! This program participants love to listen this recording all the time.

Refund: You can cancel your session and ask for a full refund after booking the session. Just email me a minimum of twelve hours before your first session. No Questions Asked

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