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The ONLY Spiritual Practice You Need To Live in the Present Moment
Spiritual Practice You Need

The Only Spiritual Practice You Need For Life!

When I give spiritual sessions, the participants often ask me this. What is the only spiritual practice I need to live in the present moment & attain liberation from the mind?

I say: “Simply rest your attention in the spiritual heart that is your inner chest while doing your worldly duties”


The Spiritual Heart – The Center of Being

One of the enlightened sages, Ramana Maharishi, and ancient scriptures said that our spiritual heart is slightly on the right side of the chest and it’s the “center of our being”. The spiritual heart differs from the physical heart and is the seat of spiritual experience. This spiritual heart pervades both inside and outside the body. The Spiritual Heart is not an organ you locate physically, it is the Source of life itself, and one can only be aware of its real nature by being it. The spiritual heart is Being or God or Atma, whatever you call it. It’s the essence of the whole universe.

DON’T Try to Locate The Spiritual Heart!

DON’T try to locate the spiritual heart with the mind’s concentration on the right side of your chest. The spiritual heart is beingness, awareness, and it’s everywhere. If you want to abide in the spiritual heart, just let your attention rest in the inner chest all the time while engaged with the world. You can see the image below as a reference to rest your attention in the inner chest.

Resting Your Attention In The Inner Chest
Resting Your Attention In The Inner Chest

So the ONLY practice you require is “Rest your attention in the inner chest and make that your lifelong practice.” You can call it “Resting In Being.” Once you rest your mind in Being, your mind transforms into Being, and then your life is taken over by the higher power, God Itself. Then whatever is required to get done will get done without the mind’s judgment and analysis.

Authentic living in the present moment is the awareness and feeling-realization of the inner Being. When you become aware of Being, The Being becomes aware of itself. When Being becomes conscious of itself – that’s Presence, and only then you will be able to establish yourself in the present moment without swinging in the past and the future. – Aby Vohra

Final Realization Completes in Spiritual Heart

All types of Yogas are intended to realize your Inner Being. Let’s talk about one of the yoga called Kundalini Yoga. The practitioners of Kundali yoga believe that spiritual enlightenment will result when the power of kundalini energy reaches the Sahasrara- the highest chakra located in the brain. They don’t know that the kundalini energy must go beyond the Sahasrara and into the spiritual heart for spiritual enlightenment. That’s where the final realization is complete.

“Resting in Being” is the most profound spiritual practice. Once you sincerely practice this, no spiritual practice, scripture, book, or Guru is required. Because while resting in Being, you are ONE with God all the time.

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Weekly Life-transforming Article To Awaken You Spiritually.