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How To Move Towards Enlightenment From Spiritual Awakening

Act all-inclusive for the well-being of everybody


The lesser-known path towards enlightenment from spiritual awakening is not believing and acting as an isolated fragment in the universe. When you don’t realise your oneness with other human beings, you act exclusively from the ego. When you are aware that you are one with all humanity, you act all-inclusive and for the good of everybody.

One of the greatest enlightened sages to ever live, Ramana Maharshi, was once asked, “How should we treat others?” He replied, “There are no others.”

Enlightenment and Deciding to be the mother of the world.

Make your intention as all-encompassing as possible if you have a genuine yearning to realise enlightenment. Begin with this hearty resolution. Decide to be the mother of the world. This entails treating everyone as though they are your own. There are no “others” because there are none. There isn’t anyone who isn’t a part of you.

Are you capable of looking at everyone with the same sweetness of emotion that arises within you when you see your child coming home from school as you go down the street?

This intention alone has the potential to free you from a lot of anxiety and negativity and have a huge impact on how you shape your destiny and realise enlightenment. You don’t need rules to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do if you are always aware that everything and everyone in this world is yours. Your core identity has shifted. Your karmic limitations now fall away, and you experience a sense of limitlessness. A new identity of being of service to this universe emerges.

Why do some people act for the well-being of others and others act for their selfish desires?

Why do some people have a stronger sense of inclusiveness while others have a stronger sense of exclusivity? Take a good look at this. You’ll see that your conviction that you are a separate being—an individual—has a significant impact on how you make choices. In other words, it is your identification with your individuality that determines what you choose. The operative word here is identification. If you were not identified with this sense of separateness, you would not be accumulating karma. If your identification were all-inclusive, that would be the end of the karmic cycle!

Unfortunately, people’s identification with their individual separate self leads to selective rather than inclusive engagement with the world. Their sense of separation is reinforced by the constant oscillation between like and dislike, attraction and aversion. Likes and dislikes become ingrained in a person’s personality over time, producing additional karma. Individuality has now become a prison rather than a privilege.

How to reach the end of your karma!

You have reached the end of karma creation when your actions are no longer about you but rather in service of others and simply based on necessities.. The self-interest that fueled your will has been extinguished and enlightenment is assured.

Of course, saying it is easier than doing it. The issue is that people have forgotten how to participate fully in life. They either engage with life selectively, based on their preferences, or they choose life-sucking philosophies of denial and detachment. In both circumstances, karma grows exponentially.

Why Buddha’s teaching on desirelessness is misunderstood!


Many people have misunderstood the Buddha’s teachings on this subject, mainly his focus on desirelessness. He was an enlightened man who would have realised all too well that existence is impossible without desire. He emphasized the significance of acting from a place of inner fulfillment rather than an inner desire to be this or that. Once you’ve done that, your life will be an expression of bliss rather than a pursuit of it. Now you are expressing the inner fulfillment and not chasing it. Your desire does not vanish; rather, it becomes a conscious intention for well being of others. Your unconscious fuel for your personal identity transformed into a conscious instrument for the well-being of the entire world. 

The crux of the matter is identification with your desire. When you no longer run behind your self-centered goals, there is separation between you and your ,”mine, me and myself” thoughts. You just perform what is required in the present moment. Your desires are no longer focused on “you.” Your karmic bondage is now completely broken.

How can one “dis-identify” from self-centered desires and be involved in the well-being of others? 

The logic is simple: individuality is the greatest myth. You are not a separate fragment in the universe. Separation is a mind’s idea, not an existential reality. We have fragmented our world out of ego’s ignorance. Once you are in touch with your inner being that underlies all of creation, you realize that you are not separate from anyone or anything else. You are ONE with the rest of this universe. 

Your body is already aware that it participates in a cosmic molecular dance. It understands that it will perish if it does not interact with air, water, sunlight, and the earth. On the other hand, your mind is convinced that it is a limited creature. As a result, it identifies you to make the decisions based on this limited understanding directly opposes the source of creation. Any action motivated by such a narrow and shortsighted perception would always result in karma which binds you into compulsive and reactive existence.


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