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How To Experience The Divine Power of God Within Yourself?
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How To Experience God? 



God is the highest state of consciousness. God is not a separate entity. You experience God once you turn inward and become conscious by surrendering your mind to Being.


Praying to God outside yourself is only a poor substitute to experience God’s divinity which is always available once you surrender to being within. True surrender is going beyond worshipping God in a subject-object relationship. Surrender is only complete when the individual who imagines themselves to be separate from God has ceased to exist.

Living in the present moment is to turn inward, rest, and abide in being in which all ideas about a relationship with God have ended. That’s what Jesus meant when he said, “”Be still and Know That I am God”.


The Power of Being, Self or God.


Through Being, you have access to the divine life itself, which has been called “God” by the world. Once you are aware of being within, you will accept and allow all situations and people outside. You will not create a destructive karmic cycle by identifying yourself with dysfunctional thoughts. As soon as you forget the feeling-realization of being within, then what is left is the mental concept of the present moment, which only deals with life’s external affairs in a focused way.


Authentic living in the present moment is the awareness and feeling-realization of the inner Being. When you become aware of Being, The Being becomes aware of itself. When Being becomes conscious of itself – that’s Presence, and only then you will be able to establish yourself in the present moment without swinging in the past and the future.


The Christian Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.


The absolute oneness of God, Guru and Being is the true significance of the Christian Trinity. 

God – “the Father” is God as the power that governs this whole universe and the life of each individual in it. 

God- “the Son” is Guru. 

God – “the Holy Spirit” is our Being. 

In our mind’s limited and distorted outlook, they appear to be three distinct entities. God, Guru and Being are, in reality, the one infinite and indivisible Being.


How To Attain Spiritual Enlightenment?


For us to attain spiritual enlightenment, only two factors are necessary, 

(1) the grace of God or Being 

(2) Our willingness to surrender our mind to that grace, which is our inner Being, with utmost devotion

Of these two indispensable ingredients, the Being is always abundantly available as our inner God-Essence. The second factor, surrender to Being with utmost devotion, is lacking. 

Surrender to Being is simply devoting yourself to Being with intense love. Surrender to Being has three devotional qualities. 

It must be 

Exclusive devotion, 

Continuous devotion and 

Selfless devotion


Exclusive Devotion: Here, the mind is devoted and surrendered exclusively to Being and Nowhere else in the world. We must live in the world but let not the world live in us. Just as a boat is in the water, but the water is not in the boat. As jesus said, To Be in the World but Not of the world 

In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said, for those who always think of Me with exclusive devotion and surrender, I am easily attainable because of their constant absorption in me.


Continuous Devotion:  Here, the mind abides and rests in being all the time. It feels the presence of God all the time. Our remembrance of Being must be continuous for divine grace to manifest. Hence the bhagavad gita repeatedly stresses continuous remembrance. While going about our worldly duties, we must have a feeling-realization of our Being all the time. 


We need to anchor at least half of our attention inside our chest or inner body. You can anchor even two-thirds attention inside your chest with practice. Thus our consciousness will remain connected to higher power within ourselves that is God. We can do our work for his Joy as an offering to the divine.


Selfless Devotion: Our surrender to our Being must not be motivated by self-seeking. True love is when we are willing to give our everything and seek nothing in return. If we surrender to Being and, in return, ask for worldly gains, then it does not remain love, it becomes a form of business transaction. Its like, “O God, I will love you, but You must Give Me This”. Why does love fade so quickly in the world? Why do people act for their selfish reason first? The reason is that the Ego is selfish. Both parties are focused on their happiness first. Divine love is selfless. The goal of divine love is the Joy of the beloved. And who is beloved? The God itself


When You Will Experience God?


You cannot experience God by lukewarm devotion. To realize Being, that is God; your devotion must be exclusive, continuous and selfless. These will purify your mind. Once the mind is purified of all its dysfunctions, it can easily abide in Being. Now the mind can rest inward and lose the desire to go out in the world and find God in thousands of worldly things. When your mind’s desire is only for God, it turns inward, merges with its source, and you attain spiritual enlightenment.

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