Aby Vohra

Fear, Pain & Suffering

Die Before You Die

How To Die Before You Die And Realize There is No Death

Death is a natural aspect of life, and when a life form dissolves, the formless divinity reveals itself through the gap left by the dissolving form. That is why Death is the most sacred aspect of life. By embracing Death and reflecting on it, we open ourselves to the peace of the divine. In contemplating and accepting the inevitability of Death, we can find a deeper connection to the Being within us and experience a profound sense of peace and fulfillment. You are an eternal Being that transcends the temporary nature of material possessions, relationships, and physical abilities.

How Spirituality Makes You Dumb, Stupid And Lazy!

Spirituality Makes You Dumb, Stupid & Lazy In The Eyes of The World!

The spiritual person may appear useless to the world, but in reality, they have become more useful than ever before. Spiritual Awakening is the greatest service they can offer to the world. They have discovered a deep and abiding joy transcending the world’s fleeting pleasures. This joy does not come with sorrow or require constant striving. The spiritual person is no longer a slave to worldly desires, but he already realized the master within that created the whole universe.

Get rid of Fear

FEAR: How To Get Rid of This Evil

We experience many types of fear. They are like different leaves on the same tree. You can waste your life plucking every single leaf, as there are thousands of them, or you can strike directly at the tree’s root and destroy all the fear leaves. Then the fear leaves will cease to grow..

Let us investigate the root of fear.

Depression and Anxiety

How To Transform Depression And Anxiety Into Inner Peace (Enduring & Non-Enduring Spiritual Awakening)

Spiritual awakening is not always a joyful process. Often you might feel confused, frustrated, angry, sad, grieving or being “out of place”. Depression and anxiety is your constant companion. It might feel like the end of your known world.

Whatever life you have built on competing, achieving and acquiring mentality is not resonating with you anymore. Life is making no sense to you. Spiritual awakening can be an intense experience of personal transformation. But despite how much suffering your dying mind conditioning may cause, you are not going insane. You are evolving!

Are You Feeling Alienated From The World During Your Early Stages of Spiritual Awakening?

Are You Feeling Alienated From The World During Your Early Stages of Spiritual Awakening?

Why Spiritual Awakening is Such a Painful Process? After Spiritual Awakening, You might encounter The Dark Night of the Soul. It is a long, depressing, and very dark experience that can continue for days, months, or even years. If you’re experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul, you are feeling a sense of being lost. …

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