Aby Vohra


How To Surrender

Video: How To Surrender & Become Fearless!

One of my counseling participant asked me to record the essence of the teachings of surrendering to being and becoming fearless. So I recorded this 6 minutes video. Her fears were: When she does meditation and goes within, she feels terrified as her mind is scared of emptiness and nothingness. She thinks that her heartbeat will stop.
Also, she has a phobia of going out, driving, and traveling by plane. She is always lost in fearful thoughts.

Die Before You Die

How To Die Before You Die And Realize There is No Death

Death is a natural aspect of life, and when a life form dissolves, the formless divinity reveals itself through the gap left by the dissolving form. That is why Death is the most sacred aspect of life. By embracing Death and reflecting on it, we open ourselves to the peace of the divine. In contemplating and accepting the inevitability of Death, we can find a deeper connection to the Being within us and experience a profound sense of peace and fulfillment. You are an eternal Being that transcends the temporary nature of material possessions, relationships, and physical abilities.