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How To Be Invulnerable & Not Get Affected By Anything in Life?
How to be invulnerable?

To be invulnerable. Do you know how to accept & allow everything in life and let the universe act through you?

After giving plenty of 1-to-1 spiritual counseling sessions, I realized the main cause of people’s suffering is their mind’s “Expectation Gap (EG)” with situations and people.


I invite you to try this small experiment and see if it’s true for you!


Let me explain how to be invulnerable!


This is Your Mind’s Expectation Gap (EG) for Situations:

  1. EG for the past: I am upset about something that went wrong in the past. I would feel happy and peaceful now if that hadn’t happened.
  2. EG for the present: Something is happening now that should not be happening, preventing me from being happy and at peace now.
  3. EG for the Future: Something needs to happen before I can be at peace (happy, fulfilled, etc.). And I resent that it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe my frustration and anger will finally bring about the change I want.

This is Your Mind’s Expectation Gaps(EG) for People

  1. EG for the past: Something you (or I) did, said or neglected to do in the past is hindering my current happiness and peace of mind.”
  2. EG for the present: What are you doing or failing to do now is preventing me from being happy and at peace now.
  3. EG for the future: In the EG related to people, “happening” becomes “doing”: As you are not doing “this” or “that” as I want, i am not at peace with myself yet. I feel upset that it hasn’t been done yet. My frustration may motivate you to complete the task.


When you let go of all “expectation gaps” that prevent you from being at peace and joy at this moment. Then you have discovered the secret of healing all mind’s conditioning and triggers.


How To Let Go And Heal All Mind’s Conditioning & Triggers?


Remember, you are not your mind, thoughts, or emotions. You are the awareness behind them.


Every person perceived as evil or every situation that causes pain holds the potential for greater good. This powerful blessing reveals itself, inside you and outside in the world, when you surrender to being within and forgive and bless the people and situation that caused you harm.

That’s why Jesus said: “Resist not evil.”


When you forgive and bless past painful situations and people, an intense stillness arises inside and around you. That is consciousness itself. You vibrate at the energy of peace. Anything or anybody entering into the peaceful energy will be affected by it. Sometimes that happens immediately, and other times it occurs later.


You will resolve quarrels, heal suffering, and dissolve unconsciousness-without making any efforts- simply by emanating the powerful silent energy of intense awareness. Awareness is your true nature when you surrender inward.


Now you are invulnerable and will not be affected by any situations or people

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