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How To Transform Painful Situations & People (Transform Evil Into The Greater Good)
How To Transform Painful Situations & People

Transform Painful Situations And People


You go through tremendous pain and suffering before you let go of your mind’s animosity with past painful events or people. Once you surrender inward to being, a miracle happens. Your suffering transforms into forgiveness, and you realize inner peace.

Every person perceived as evil or every situation that causes pain holds the potential for greater good. They are all “blessing in disguise.” This powerful blessing reveals itself, inside you and outside in the world, when you surrender to being within and forgive and bless the people and situation that caused you harm.

That’s why Jesus said: “Resist not evil.”

How To Heal The Negative Energy of Past Painful Situation

When you blame past painful situations, the energy of it will cling to you for life. It’s looking for a resolution and healing. It will draw back to you if you are not releasing and letting go of that energy by forgiving and blessing those challenging people and situations. Once you surrender within and act from your being energy instead of your mind energy, it will not return to you.

The suffering will leave you once it has finished teaching you. It will not go away until it has taught you what you must learn. The situations and people that trigger you are the messengers of unhealed parts within you. In a way, these trials and tribulations make you realize your true nature, which is pure awareness that is limitless and expansive.

Enlightenment And The Greatest Miracle of Life

Enlightenment is the total acceptance that everything in the world is happening according to God’s will; through which person it happens is God’s will; how each happening affects you is also God’s will.

The greatest miracle of all evil and suffering in the world is that it forces humans to awaken and realize being -God itself- beyond their names and different forms of possessions, relationships, and recognitions of the world. And until you forgive the relative evil (as there is no absolute evil) that happens to you, evil will remain evil and not reveal itself to you as the greater good.

Transform Evil Into The Greater Good

When you forgive and bless past painful situations and people, an intense stillness arises inside and around you. That is consciousness itself. You vibrate at the energy of peace. Anything or anybody entering into the peaceful energy will be affected by it. Sometimes that happens immediately, and other times it occurs later.

You will resolve quarrels, heal suffering, and dissolve unconsciousness-without making any efforts- simply by emanating the powerful silent energy of intense awareness. Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being-Consciousness-Bliss) is your true nature when you surrender inward.

Suffering Brings Awakening. If you surrender to the wisdom that the universe is here to make you awaken instead of happy, then your interactions with the world become a sacred spiritual practice that leads you to spiritual awakening, which is the primary purpose of your life.

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