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The Art of Conscious Manifestation

Do you know how to let the universe manifest through you? 

Be with me..

I Was Very Uncomfortable With The Word “Manifestation.” I Associated It With People Using Spiritual Principles To Quench Their Materialistic Wanting or Egoic Desires!

But Conscious manifestation differs from egoic manifestation in some very significant ways. Here are the Four Ways.

1. Creating from Abundance of Being

When we manifest from ego, we tend to feel lack or scarcity. With conscious manifestation, we create from a feeling of abundance, rooted in the fullness of our being. When the human becomes co-creator with God, which is creating with awareness, then Presence can flow into the human mind and use human thoughts to create original things, which is beautiful.

When you create from a state of Presence, you create for the joy of creation. You just love the process without worrying about the result. You create to give and serve. You may get moments of joy when your ego subsides, but this will soon be replaced by stress again. Offer the outcome to the universe and enjoy working without the ego for a while!

2. Create What Life Want From You

When we manifest from ego, we tend to ask, “How can I get what I want?” With conscious manifestation, we ask, “What does the universe want from me?”

When you create from ego, you want to be exclusive, but you are inclusive when you create from the fullness of being. In the state of inclusiveness, you are ONE with the whole universe and create for the well-being of everybody.

You realize that you are not a separate fragment in this universe. You act as if everybody is ONE. There are no others. You act as if you are a mother to the world. And you treat the whole world like how you treat your child coming from the school


3. Let The Universal Intelligence Create Through You

When we manifest from ego, we rely on our personal willpower. With conscious manifestation, we can rely on the power of universal intelligence. Universal Intelligence acts through you whenever you are fully present in the moment without identifying with your thoughts and emotions. Then the universe uses you as a vessel of its co-creation and manifests through you.

4. Be ONE with challenges and difficulties

When we manifest from ego, we become angry and anxious, when any situation or person arises as an obstacle. Ego treats every obstacle/ hindrance as an enemy. When we are creating from awareness, the obstacle is not regarded as an enemy. In fact, you will yield to that obstacle. Meaning you surrender and become ONE with it and transform that hindrance/obstacle into an opportunity

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