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How to Reclaim Your True Potential After Spiritual Awakening!

Spiritual awakening is the process of rebirth of everything you are! Sometimes, After Spiritual Awakening, your dormant potential emerged  from you, which is your golden shadow.

The Tale of Two Shadows

Now What is the Shadow? The Shadow is composed of everything you have chosen to exclude from the life you are showing to the world. Shadow is the qualities you hide from the world. We all have a dark shadow and a golden shadow; both are necessary for our well-being.

Dark shadows are the qualities like envy, hatred, anger, compulsiveness, etc. Golden shadows are the qualities like inherent calmness, spirituality, honesty, courage, creativity, etc.

Our mind projects a dark shadow onto others, blaming “They are the Problem.” And it projects a golden shadow on others, claiming, “They are the Solution.” Both are projections and ways to deny our responsibility for our inner life.

Here we will talk about Golden Shadow, which is our Inner Gold and our true potential.

Your Mind Eclipse Your Inner Gold

After awakening, your newly emerged Inner Gold, which is your spiritual qualities, might conflict with your egoic behavior (which was conditioned by your early environment—competitive world, parents, teachers) and how you see yourself.

After awakening, your conditioned mind doesn’t resonate with your Inner Gold – your spiritual essence. Though your conditioned mind is dying, it makes you feel miserable by re-identifying yourself with its old dysfunctional behavior. Your Ego is terrified of this Inner Gold.

And so, during the early stages of awakening, when your being is just about to shine,  your mind projects these good qualities onto the person who had helped you to awaken from your mind’s sleep. This is the mind way to deny responsibility for your Inner Gold.

For example, you recognize spiritual truths in your favorite spiritual teacher and let them carry your “GOLD” because you admire and respect them. You idolize an entrepreneur, actor or an artist, following his every move of life. You admire his confidence, charisma, and intellect. In every field, there are numerous pioneers that millions of people project their “Inner Gold” onto. You can also call this “Hero Worship.”

Jungian author Robert Johnson writes in Inner Gold: Understanding Psychological Projection:

Inner Gold is the highest value in the human psyche. It is our soul, the Self, the innermost part of our being. It is us at our best, our Twenty-four-karat gift to ourselves. Everyone has inner Gold. It isn’t created, but it does have to be discovered.

To integrate the positive Shadow (Inner Gold) is to acknowledge our own untapped potential behind the awe we have of others. We begin to recognize and release from ourselves the talents and qualities we admire in others.

Why Our Mind Project Inner Gold on Others?

We already saw how your Ego is terrified of your newly emerged Inner Gold. Your mind projects these good qualities out onto the person who had helped you to awaken from your mind’s sleep. This is mind way to deny responsibility for your Inner Gold

The other reason your mind projects your inner Gold is it is fearful of pursuing the calling of your Inner Gold. When you start to embrace your Inner Gold, you free yourself to be the person you’re born to be. It requires ascending barriers created by ego’s fear.

Please Understand This: To find the of dark qualities in the deeper part of our psyche is relatively easy, but to find your Inner Gold which is your Life Changing qualities is Terrifying. Why? Because it is more disrupting to find that you have spiritual essence than to find out you are an evil. Inner Gold is related to our higher purpose, which can be hard to accept after our awakening.

Much of our depression revolves around not owning and reclaiming our Inner Gold. We run around in a state of guilt and fear. What are they going to think of me? What if I fail?

How You Can Reclaim Your Inner Gold

What would it be like if you reclaim your Inner Gold, which you currently find admirable in other spiritual teacher, entrepreneur or artist, and make it a reality in your life?

If you wait until your motives are pure and unselfish to serve the world with your new calling, you will wait forever.

Create or teach what it is that you really need to learn. As creating and teaching is the highest form of learning. Understand that what you have loved, others will love, and you will teach them “How” with your creation.

If you project your Inner Gold to your idol and are always dependent on him to guide you, forfeiting your life’s responsibility to him, you will not be able to reclaim your own potential.

It doesn’t mean you disrespect your idol or you are egoistic. It means this is your higher purpose, and like your idol, once you become conscious, you will pursue it in service of the Universe

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Weekly Life-transforming Article To Awaken You Spiritually.