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1 Strange Secret To Find Your Life Purpose

How To Discover Your Life Purpose & What Is The Ultimate Purpose of Human Existence?

After we have met our basic needs of food and shelter, once we are tired of looking for perfect relationships, mundane jobs, or businesses, the question of our life purpose usually surfaces. We ponder who we are! Why are we here on this earth? And how can we live a truly fulfilled life?

Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment. This is why we may also call it Presence. The ultimate purpose of human existence, which is to say, your purpose, is to bring that power into this world.- Eckhart Tolle

The 1 strange secret to find your life purpose

The 1 strange secret that people don’t understand is that your life purpose is NOT your profession or career. Your main purpose on this earth is to Awaken and realize your being. There, I said it. The career you are building is just a tiny subset of life in the attempt to give life some meaning. But please know this: What actually gives life meaning is the willingness to live it. You are the spiritual being expressing itself as a human being for a little while.

In this post, we will also explore how you can find your Life’s Work after you awaken spiritually. At times after spiritual awakening, your old profession doesn’t resonate with your soul anymore. Once you are awakened, the Universe uses you to express itself through you. Hence you will be surprise what UNIVERSE want to pursue through you after awakening.

Your Life Purpose is to Awaken and bring awareness to the world

Your main purpose in life is to awaken. To live life fully means you experience every aspect of life by being fully aware and alert. Our life’s purpose comprises inner purpose and outer purpose.

Inner Purpose! (Your Main Purpose of Life)

Your inner purpose is to being aware or bring awareness to whatever you do! It concerns Being. It does not concern what you do but what you are- that is to say, your state of awareness!

To be fully present, bring your attention to your breath and feel your inner body. Just breath fully. Now you are aware and alert as your attention is fully withdrawn from your thoughts and five senses. Now you are connected with your inner purpose. You are Awakened in this moment and fulfilling your life purpose.

When you connect with your inner purpose, the outer circumstances change for the better. You will first realize what is no longer working in your life and then you will understand what is truly fulfilling to you. Instead of resisting negative events, you will accept and resolve them without mental torture. Finally, you will exude love and respect for all human beings

Outer Purpose! (Your Secondary Purpose of Life)

Your outer purpose is secondary and it concerns Doing. Your Outer Purpose can change over time. It varies greatly from person to person. In that way, Your worldly profession is your outer purpose

Your Outer purpose is the profession or business you choose to survive and thrive in the world. The Outer purposes are often the purposes you inherited or learned from your parents and childhood experiences.

Your Outer Purpose Journey starts from a Lesser Outer Purpose Towards a Deeper Outer Purpose. It can change over time and is unique for every person. You have to pass through several Lesser Outer Purposes to reach your Deeper Outer Purpose.

Some people always delay to share their gifts with the world thinking that they need to be perfect. Yes you need to have experience and expertise in what you want to share with the world but you don’t need to be perfect and bulletproof.

Create or teach what it is that you really need to learn. As creating and teaching is the highest form of learning. Understand that what you have loved, others will love, and you will teach them “How” with your creation

Aby Vohra

What Are The Signs Which Indicates That Universe Is Calling You to Choose Deeper Outer Purpose?

  1. You suddenly lose interest in your profession or mission that previously motivated you. Even if you have created ample wealth from your old profession, after awakening, you feel that your old profession is not the right vehicle to emanate your newly realized consciousness in this world.
  2. Your mind is tearing you apart after losing interest in your old profession by creating a tug of war between your old and the new mission. You are wavering between the two, like a pendulum of a clock.
  3. No matter how much you try to go back to your old profession, the door keeps shutting on your face. At times an illness or accident can happen if you try to knock on the same door repeatedly. The “Fierce Grace” is showing you to pursue a new path.
  4. Once your awakening intensifies, you feel clear, unconfused, unburdened, and inspired to pursue that new mission. And you are doing it for the sake of love for that mission and serving your family, community, or the world.
  5. You feel your “Why” Strongly than “What,” “How,” or “Whom” for this new mission.

How to Choose Your Deeper Outer Purpose

Deeper Outer Purpose
Deeper Outer Purpose

Visualize a circle in which the center is your Deeper Outer Purpose. Other outer concentric circles surround that circle. Those layers of outer circles are your Lesser Outer Purpose. Once you leave your short-term careers, every time over several years, you will come nearer and nearer to your Deeper Outer Purpose as those outer circles are getting dissolved. You are approaching your Deeper Outer Purpose and slowly realizing your true self.

Your life is a journey from Lesser Outer Purpose towards Deeper Outer Purpose! The more you are connected with your inner purpose (being aware), the better you will be able to discover your deeper outer purpose.

Sometimes, you realize your Deeper Outer Purpose when your identification is broken with your wealth, possessions, profession, or hedonistic lifestyle. This happens due to some tragedy or misfortune which suddenly takes place in your life. Either you lose all your wealth or business, you lose a person you loved so much, or you lose an important relationship.

In some cases, while performing a spiritual practice like meditation, once people connect to their being, they find their present profession or business really unfulfilling. They intuitively realize that it’s not the right profession at this stage of life, and somehow they feel repelled from it, even though the old profession has produced ample wealth for them.

Either you leave your lesser outer purpose to choose your Deeper Outer Purpose or you recreate your old profession in such a way that now it fulfills your inner purpose and greatly serves the world.

Remember How you do what you do (doing from being) is always important than What you do!

Are you a Peacekeeper or a Conscious Creator?

After a spiritual awakening, the outward purpose does not express itself with equal intensity in all awakened beings. Some feel a strong urge to create and spread their outward purpose, while others abide and rest in their inner being and live a seemingly more passive and uneventful life. They are more inward by nature and have no desire to get involved in or transform the world. They are “Peacekeepers” of the world who maintain the energy frequency of the planet with their inner stillness. Without peacekeepers the world will be lost in egoic dysfunctions, hence the peacekeepers are the guardians of the being. They bring the awareness-that is god itself- in whatever they do!

On the other hand, “Conscious Creators” feel a strong urge to create and spread their outward purpose. They want to build, create, become involved, achieve, and transform the world for the better. Their main intention after spiritual awakening is to serve the world selflessly. They act like the mother of the world in their outward mission.

They realized all too well that if they wanted to carry their outward mission, their existence is impossible without the intention of serving the world selflessly. They emphasized the significance of acting from a place of inner fulfillment rather than an inner desire to be this or that. 

Conscious creator’s life is an expression of bliss that is already within them rather than a pursuit of it. They express their inner fulfillment in their outward mission, not chase it. Their desire does not vanish; rather, it becomes a conscious intention for well being of others. Their unconscious fuel for their personal identity transformed into a conscious instrument for the entire world’s well-being. 

Three Spiritual Principles That Can Transform Your Life!

Three spiritual principles indicates that you are on the right path of choosing your Deeper Outer Purpose. They are:


1. Surrender to Being:  You surrender to being – your true self, that is God itself. Your only prayer is, “Oh God, Make Me Your Own, Do As You Will. Use me for your purpose”. Once you surrender this way, you are NOT the doer, but God is the doer through you. Then the universe will act through you to manifest its purpose. This non-doership is the most significant spiritual truth, and it absolves you from all karma. God is No-Thing and he does nothing, yet he leaves nothing undone. The ordinary man is always doing things, yet many more are left to be done.

2. Enjoy Without Worrying About Results: If you are always concerned about the result, the present moment becomes a means toward an end as you are coming from egoic consciousness that is always worried about future and guilty about past. When you see the present moment and whatever you do in the present moment as means toward an end, that is unenlightened thinking and action. It creates further suffering no matter what the end is. Then the energy that flows into what you do is not aligned with life as you are coming from egoic consciousness.

It would help if you realigned from egoic consciousness to being consciousness. It means the primary purpose of your life is whatever action you are doing in this moment. The primary purpose of life is to be fully present in whatever you are doing and bring awareness into this world. In this way, you enjoy what you do without worrying about the result! You offer the outcome and all the fruits of your labor to God.


3. Serve The World Selflessly: You serve the world selflessly and unconditionally from being and not from ego. While serving others, don’t feel you are helping a less privileged or knowledgeable person than you are. Please remember by helping others; you are actually helping yourself. That’s why mother Teresa saw christ in poor and helpless.


To serve humanity meaningfully with your Deep Work is the unchanging core of your life purpose. All successful entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, scientists, artists, and sportspersons live to serve the world with their calling. Their main theme is to “Serve the World Selflessly & Unconditionally” in any venture they undertake without “worrying about the result.”

Through inner purpose, you will recognize yourself. You will have Self-realization and you will be able to choose your deeper outer purpose. And through that deep work, you will serve the world selflessly and unconditionally.

You Are The Light of The World!

Let’s extend this analogy to the Lamp. Let’s say you are the lamp giving light to the world, which is your deep work. The light will flicker if the lamp wire is not connected to the electric current (inner purpose). In the same way, when you are not totally aligned with your inner purpose, you tend to choose a lesser outer purpose, which makes you suffer greatly! But once the lamp wire is firmly connected to the electric current (inner purpose), the light will be continuous and bright!

Hence by firmly connecting yourself with your inner purpose, you will choose your Deeper Outer Purpose and enlighten the world with your creation.

So just remember to awaken to your inner purpose and serve the world unconditionally with your Deeper Outer Purpose. And that, my friend, is your life purpose.

Your main purpose of life is to Awaken to the fullness of your Being. As Jesus said, When You Realise Your Kingdom of Heaven within You, Everything is Added To You!

PS: If you having difficulty in discovering your life purpose after spiritual awakening, You Can Click Here And Talk To Me

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