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Your Life Purpose and Why You Fight To Accumulate Possessions

Fighting To Accumulate Possessions

The idea of life without struggling to accumulate things is depressing to most. But the truth is we fight to accumulate possessions for our whole life. We did not bring those things when we were born, and we will not take them when we die!

I am not saying here that striving to achieve this or that and making your life better with possessions is not a worthwhile thing to do. It is an integral part of outer purpose for most people, but the outer purpose is inherently unstable and temporary. This does not mean that you should not be engaged in achieving and acquiring worthy goals. It means you should connect them to your inner purpose so that a more profound meaning flows into what you do.

You ask what is then the inner purpose?

Life Purpose

Your inner purpose which is the main purpose of your life is to be aware or bring awareness to whatever you do! It concerns Being. It is not what you do but what you are- that is to say, your state of awareness! In simple words, your life purpose in this world is to awaken spiritually.

When you connect with your inner purpose, the outer circumstances change for the better. You will first realize what is no longer working in your life and then you will understand what is truly fulfilling to you. Instead of resisting negative events, you will accept and resolve them without mental torture. Finally, you will exude love and respect for all human beings.

Many people are very concerned about discovering their life’s purpose. They usually refer to their outer purpose. Outer purpose can change over time and is unique for every person

The road to hell is paved with good intention

As long as you are unaware of Being, you will find meaning only in achievement and possessions. You will always seek your worth in doing something and in the future. And whatever meaning or fulfillment you find that way, time will dissolve it. Or it will turn out to be an illusion. Any purpose we see in the dimension of time -past and future- is only relative and temporary.

If you desire to transform the world for the better but are not aligned with your being, eventually, whatever you create will make you suffer. Your ego will create hell for you, and it will destroy by time. The road to hell is paved with good intentions points to this truth

What Is Left of Us When We Die?

Have you seen a dash, two inches long, between the date of birth and date of death on people’s gravestones? That is what is left of all our fearing and wanting associated with our problematic life in the last moment of our life.

It is a very depressing fact to some people, but if you are awakened, it is liberating for you.

Why We Accumulate “Stuff”?

The human Being accumulates the stuff for their whole life because the ego thinks that by owning, possessing, and achieving it will be Complete. Actually, this is an unconscious search of ego to realise God. In other words to realise its own Being that it doesn’t know.

The Being is always there to realise, but its largely obscured by ego’s drive of accumulating. The whole concept of owning this or that turns out to be a meaningless exercise on our deathbed

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