Aby Vohra

Individual 1 to 1 Session

These Counselling Session Is For You If:

  • You’ve had a profound shift in consciousness and the person you
    thought you were your whole life wasn’t really who you are!

  • A significant reorientation took place in your life, and you pondered, what do I do with my life? What’s my purpose in this world? 

1 to 1 sessions for Some of The Most Important Aspects of Life.

  • The Courage To Awaken: How To Transform Your Pain and Suffering Into Inner Peace During the Spiritual Awakening Process! Understanding why awakening is painful sometimes instead of blissful.

  • Life’s Work: How to Find Your Purpose in World after Spiritual Awakening. Discover what life wants from you instead of what you want from life.

  • Going ‘In and Out’ of Awakening: Why you are oscillating between awakened and egoic states and what to do about it.

  • Feeling Alienated and Lonely: Why You Are Feeling Alienated From The World During Your Early Stages of Spiritual Awakening and You Lost Interest and Enthusiasm for several pursuits of your life.

  • Enlightened Relationships: Discover the spiritual truth about why your relationships succeed or fail. The art of connecting with your family, friends, husband, wife, and children from the depth of your being so they can understand your awakening process!

  • Conscious Manifestation: How to let the universe manifest its conscious intentions through you without egoic wanting

  • Triggers: How to stop being triggered and consciously get back to peace after being triggered

  • Transcend Conditioning: How to transcend dysfunctional conditioning of painful childhood, religious dogmas and competing world. Healing your compulsive need to be right, in control, and prove your worth!

  • Overcoming Fear: How to overcome the fear of survival and rising above materialism, when your conditional mind pattern is making you feel terrified for competing in the world.

  • Dealing With Loved Ones: How does one coexist with loved ones who don’t understand your spiritual shift and share your awakening experience with them

  • Living in Wholeness: How to integrate your dark and light qualities so you can live a life of wholeness transcending good and evil

  • Forgiveness: How to forgive yourself and others for the past mistakes. Also know where you are on your spiritual journey?

  • Conscious Communication: Learning the art of conscious communication that transforms unconscious judgements and actions of others into understanding